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Jurgen T. Rohr, PhD

Provost's Distinguished Service Professor
jurgen rohr
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    1. Angucycline group antibiotics. Rohr J, Thiericke R. Nat Prod Rep 9(2):103-37, 1992.
    2. Modification of post-PKS tailoring steps through combinatorial biosynthesis. Rix U, Fischer C, Remsing LL, Rohr J. Nat Prod Rep 19(5):542-80, 2002.
    3. Combinatorial biosynthesis of antitumor indolocarbazole compounds. Sanchez C, Zhu L, Brana AF, Salas AP, Rohr J, Mendez C, Salas JA. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102(2):461-6, 2005.
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