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Edward J. Pavlik, PhD

Director, Ovarian Screening Research Program
Director, Gyn Oncology Research
edward pavlik
  • Publications

    1. Probability of fallopian tube and ovarian detection with transvaginal ultrasonography in normal women. Lefringhouse, J.R.; Neward, E.; Ueland, F.R.; Baldwin, L.A.; Miller, R.W.; Desimone, C.P.; Kryscio, R.J.; Van Nagell, J.R.; Pavlik, E.J. Women's health (London, England) (2016)
    2. Ultrasound follow up of an adnexal mass has the potential to save lives. Ormsby, E.L.; Pavlik, E.J.; Van Nagell, J.R. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology 213, 5 (2015): 657-61, 657.e1.
    3. First year participation in the affordable care act: costs and accessibility to gynecologic oncology. Pavlik, E.J.; Ore, R.; Toyama, A.; Woolum, D.; Pavlik, T.E.; Baldwin, L. Women's health (London, England) 11, 6 (2015): 865-82.
    4. Serial ultrasonographic evaluation of ovarian abnormalities with a morphology index. Elder, J.W.; Pavlik, E.J.; Long, A.; Miller, R.W.; Desimone, C.P.; Hoff, J.T.; Ueland, W.R.; Kryscio, R.J.; Nagell JR, J.; Ueland, F.R. Gynecologic oncology 135, 1 (2014): 8-12.
    5. Early detection of ovarian tumors using ultrasound. Pavlik, E.J.; Nagell JR, J. Women's health (London, England) 9, 1 (2013): 39-55;
    6. Frequency and disposition of ovarian abnormalities followed with serial transvaginal ultrasonography. Pavlik, E.J.; Ueland, F.R.; Miller, R.W.; Ubellacker, J.M.; Desimone, C.P.; Elder, J.; Hoff, J.; Baldwin, L.; Kryscio, R.J.; Nagell JR, J. Obstetrics and gynecology 122, 2 Pt 1 (2013): 210-7.
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