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Chunyan He, ScD

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  • Publications

    1. Genome-wide association studies identify novel loci associated with age at menarche and age at natural menopause. He C, Kraft P, Chen C, Buring JE, Paré G, Hankinson SE, Chanock S, Ridker PM, Hunter DJ, Chasman DI. Nat Genet. 2009, 41(6): 724-728. PMID: 19448621
    2. A prospective study of genetic polymorphism in MPO, antioxidant status, and breast cancer risk. He C, Tamimi RM, Hankinson SE, Hunter DJ, Han J. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2009; 113(3): 585-594. PMID: 18340529
    3. Thirty novel loci for age at menarche identified by a meta-analysis of genome wide association studies. Elks CE, Perry JR, Sulem P, Chasman DI, Franceschini N, He C, Lunetta KL, Visser JA, et al. Nat Genet. 2010; 42(12):1077-85.
    4. Meta-analyses identify 13 loci associated with age at menopause and novel loci highlight DNA repair and immune pathways. Stolk L, Perry JR, Chasman DI, He C, Mangino M, Sulem P, et al. Nat Genet. 2012. 44(3):260-8.
    5. Reproductive aging associated common genetic variants and the risk of breast cancer. He C, Chasman DI, Dreyfus J, Hwang SJ, Ruiter R, Sanna S, Buring JE, Fernández-Rhodes L, Franceschini N, Hankinson SE, Hofman A, Lunetta KL, Palmieri G, Porcu E, Rivadeneira F, Rose LM, Splansky GL, Stolk L, Uitterlinden AG, Chanock SJ, Crisponi L, Demerath EW, Murabito JM, Ridker PM, Stricker BHCh, Hunter DJ. Breast Cancer Res. 2012. 20;14(2):R54. PMID: 22433456.
    6. Associations of menarche-related genetic variants with pubertal growth in males and females. Tu W, Wagner EK, Eckert GJ, Yu Z, Hannon T, Pratt JH, He C*. J Adolesc Health. 2015 Jan;56(1):66-72. PMID: 25287989
    7. Tissue-specific Co-expression of Long Non-coding and Coding RNAs Associated with Breast Cancer. Wu W, Wagner EK, Hao Y, Rao X, Dai H, Han J, Chen J, Storniolo AMV, Liu Y, and He C*. Sci Rep. 2016 Sep 6;6:32731. PMID: 27597120.
  • Research

    Cancer Center Member

    Research Focus

    • Breast Cancer
    • Hormone-related Reproductive Traits and Cancer
    • Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology
    • Cancer Molecular Epidemiology
    • Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics
    • Cancer Biomarkers


    • Cancer Prevention and Control

    College & Department

    • College of Medicine
    • Department of Internal Medicine

    For Referring Physicians

    Dorothy Enslow Combs Cancer Research Building
    Lexington, KY 40536
    United States

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