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Hollie Swanson, PhD

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hollie swanson
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  • Publications


    1. Development of a course-based undergraduate research experience to introduce drug-receptor concepts. Swanson, H.I., Park-Sarge, O-K, Rodrigo-Peiris, T., Xiang, L and Cassone, V.M. (2016) J. Med. Ed. and Curr. Dev. 3, 57-66.
    2. A review of the current and emerging uses of statins in clinical therapeutics. Davis, J.T., Delfino, S.F., Feinberg, C.E., Johnson, M.F., Nappi, V.L., Olinger, J.T., Schwab, A.P. and Swanson, H.I. (2016) Lipid Insights 9, 13-29.
    3. Careers in Science: Summer Training in Environmental and Pharmacological Sciences. Swanson, H.I. (2018) Research Outreach 105, 72-75.
    4. Drug Metabolism by the Host and Gut Microbiota: A Partnership or Rivalry? Swanson, H.I. Drug Metab Dispos 43(10): 1499-1504, 2015.
    5. Impact of apigenin and kaempferol on human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Swanson, H.I., Choi, E.Y., Helton, W.B., Gairola, C.G. and Valentino, J. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 117(2): 214-220, 2014