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Public Notices

UK HealthCare Public Notice, March 8, 2019

UK HealthCare Pharmacy mailed a prescription to a patient’s former address. The information contained with the prescription included information for a different patient. It did not contain the patient’s social security number or any financial information.  UK HealthCare notified the affected individual.

On two separate occasions, UK HealthCare Pharmacy gave prescriptions to two separate individuals with the information of two other patients’ included with the prescriptions.  The information included the patients’ names, and details about their prescriptions.  It did not contain the patients’ social security numbers or financial information.  UK HealthCare notified the affected individuals.

A UK HealthCare employee accessed a patient’s medical record outside their job responsibilities.   The access was limited to specific treatment information related to a single visit.  UK HealthCare notified the affected individual.

  • Recommendations

    What You Can Do

    For any incident, UK HealthCare recommends the following steps to prevent any possible misuse of personal information.

    Stay Alert For the Signs of Identity Theft

    • Accounts you didn't open and debts on your accounts that you can't explain.
    • Fraudulent or inaccurate information on your credit reports, including accounts and personal information, like your Social Security number, address(es), name or initials, and employers.
    • Failing to receive bills or other mail. Follow up with creditors if your bills don't arrive on time.
    • Receiving credit cards that you didn't apply for.
    • Being denied credit or being offered less favorable credit terms, like a high interest rate, for no apparent reason.
    • Getting calls or letters from debt collectors or businesses about merchandise or services you didn’t buy.