Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center — Lexington

The Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center – Lexington facility, which opened in 2017 on the UK HealthCare campus, is an outpatient surgical and rehabilitation center for pediatric orthopaedic patients.

The Shriners facility is a separate entity that is not owned or managed by UK HealthCare, but our two organizations have a longstanding collaborative relationship through years of service to Kentucky’s children. Pediatric specialists in the fields of orthopaedics, anesthesiology and rehabilitation serve on the medical staff of both organizations.

Services offered at the Shriners facility include comprehensive medical, surgical and rehabilitative care for children with orthopaedic conditions. If needed, consulting specialists are available here at UK HealthCare to ensure the best, most up-to-date medical care is given to the newborns, children and teens treated at Shriners.


The Shriners facility is a five-story building. Pediatric orthopaedic and rehabilitation services occupy the first three floors, and UK Advanced Eye Care occupies leased space on the top two floors.

Level 3: This is where you will enter Shriners when you take the pedestrian bridge from the parking garage. On this floor, you’ll find the clinic, casting, radiology, prosthetics and orthotics departments as well as patient registration for non-surgical visits.

Level 2: This floor is home to the motion analysis lab, physical and occupational therapy, research, and various staff offices.

Level 1: This is the surgery floor and includes patient registration for surgical patients. Surgical patients may be dropped off at the covered entrance at the rear of the Shriners building.

Directions from major highways

Shriners’ address is 110 Conn Terrace in Lexington. However, if you are using a map app to get directions, you will want to input the address of the UK HealthCare parking garage (110 Transcript Ave., in Lexington), which is next to Shriners. If you input the name of the building in your app as your destination, it may still take you to the former Shriners building on Richmond Road.

From I-75

  1. Take Exit 113 for US-27/US-68 toward Paris/Lexington and turn right onto US-27/US-68 W/N Broadway.
  2. (3.7 miles) Turn left onto Bolivar Street.
  3. (0.2 miles) Turn right onto S. Upper Street.
  4. (0.2 miles) Continue onto S. Limestone.
  5. (0.5 miles) Turn right onto Transcript Avenue. The parking garage will be on the left.

From I-64

  1. Take exit 115 toward Airport/Lexington and merge onto Newtown Pike.
  2. (3.4 miles) Continue straight onto Oliver Lewis Way.
  3. (0.3 miles) Use left two lanes to turn onto W. High Street which continues onto W. Maxwell Street.
  4. (0.5 miles) Turn right onto S. Broadway.
  5. (0.8 miles) Turn left onto Virginia Avenue.
  6. (0.5 miles) Turn right onto S. Limestone.
  7. (141 feet) Turn right onto Transcript Avenue. The parking garage will be on the left.

From Bluegrass Parkway

  1. Take Exit 72A to merge onto US-60 E/Lexington Rd toward Lexington.
  2. (6.4 miles) Stay on this road. (When you cross the Fayette County line, US-60 E/Lexington Rd will become known as Versailles Road.)
  3. (1.2 miles) Turn right onto Mason Headley Road.
  4. (1.5 miles) Mason Headley crosses US-68/Harrodsburg Rd and becomes Waller Avenue.
  5. (0.9 miles) Turn left onto S. Limestone/Nicholasville Road.
  6. (0.2 miles) Turn left onto Transcript Avenue. The parking garage will be on the left.

Traffic note about US-27/Nicholasville Road

The flow of traffic on the inner lanes of Nicholasville Road changes direction from 6:30-9:15 a.m. (more lanes coming toward Lexington) and from 4-6:15 p.m. (more lanes going out of town). The traffic signals hanging above each lane identify the lane direction.

  • A green straight arrow means you may continue in that lane.
  • A white curved arrow indicates that you are in a turn lane.
  • A red X means you are going the wrong way in that lane, and you should move to your right until you are in a lane with a green arrow.

Parking information

  • Please use the parking garage that is attached to the Shriners building. It is located between Conn Terrace and Transcript Avenue. If you put 110 Transcript Ave. as your destination into any map app on your smartphone, you will be taken directly to the parking garage. Note: If you are approaching from the south, you will drive past the Shriners facility and turn left onto Transcript Avenue to enter the parking garage.
  • If you drive a tall vehicle, please note the clearance to enter the garage is 8 feet 6 inches.
  • There are two pedestrian bridges connected to Level C of the parking garage. One will take you to UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Pavilion A, and the other will take you to Shriners. There will be signs to direct you to Shriners, but one easy tip to remember is that the Shriners pedestrian bridge crosses over Conn Terrace, which is a small, two-lane road.
  • The pedestrian bridge will bring you to the third level of Shriners. You’ll pass through a set of sliding doors. Go through the doors and turn left, then go through a second set of doors and you’ll be in the Shriners facility. You will see an information desk and patient registration.
  • If your child is scheduled for surgery, take the elevators to the first floor to register.