The Future of Epilepsy Treatment

Happening Now at the UK Kentucky Neuroscience Institute

Our field grows through collaboration. That’s why the University of Kentucky College of Medicine created the multidisciplinary Alliance Initiative: 24 teams tasked with finding answers to the biggest health challenges facing Kentuckians.

FINDERS: Functional Imaging for NeuroDiagnostics for Epilepsy and Resective Surgery

Guided by clinicians who treat epilepsy and researchers who use modern imaging technology, FINDERS has developed a more advanced form of neuroimaging that combines EEG and MRI.

Combining the strengths of EEG and MRI to locate seizures, this new technique works better than either method alone. It allows surgeons to find, identify and treat seizures quickly, expanding treatment options for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Lead researchers:

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The Brain and Epilepsy Alliance for Metabolism Research

With a team of researchers from departments like pharmacy, nutrition, physiology, microbiology and biomedical engineering, BEAM is investigating how changes in brain metabolism affect and are affected by diseases like epilepsy.

Their goal is to uncover treatments that return brain metabolism to normal function — a game-changer for epilepsy patients. So far, the team has launched 15 pilot projects and established a critical epilepsy brain tissue biobank to help make future experiments possible.

Lead researchers:

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