Haley Gilroy, MS, CCC-SLP

  • Speech-Language Pathologist


Haley is a speech-language pathologist with a clinical passion for voice and singing disorders. She received her Bachelor's of Communication with a Minor in Linguistics from North Carolina State University in 2015 and completed her Master's of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders at East Carolina University in 2017. Throughout her academic career, she was involved in research related to voice recognition, acoustic analysis of voice, and voice/upper airway disorders. She has been active in the clinical evaluation and treatment of voice, swallowing, & singing disorders since graduating. She joined the University of Kentucky Voice and Swallow Clinic in 2022.

Haley has evaluation and treatment experience with muscle tension dysphonia, vocal cord nodules/polyps/cysts, vocal cord paralysis/paresis, presbylarynges (aging voice), and professional voice users (i.e., singers or others with high voice demands through their profession). She has experience with vocal performance and is able to provide piano accompaniment to patients in clinic. She strives to provide top-quality and comprehensive services when assisting people to find their voice.

When she isn't in clinic, you can find her swing dancing, playing tennis, enjoying some dessert, or reading a good book.

Personal Statement

My approach to patient care centers around the patient as a person. I consider all aspects of their social and medical history to help better understand their concerns and how I may be able to assist them in moving forward. My patients are encouraged to participate in every step of their own care. I use my patients as my guide in how I can best assist them.

Training & Education


Master's of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Certifications and Special Training

American Speech & Hearing Association Certification of Clinical Competence