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Hunter N.B. Moseley, PhD

hunter moseley
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    Associate Professor
  • Publications

    1. Deriving Accurate Lipid Classification based on Molecular Formula Joshua M. Mitchell and Hunter N.B. Moseley. BioRxiv preprint 572883 (2019).
    2. Small Molecule Isotope Resolved Formula Enumerator: a Tool for Assigning Isotopologues and Metabolites in Fourier Transform Mass Spectra Joshua M. Mitchell, Robert M. Flight, and Hunter N.B. Moseley. ChemRxiv preprint 7609205 (2019).
    3. BaMORC: A Software Package for Accurate and Robust 13C Reference Correction of Protein NMR Spectra Xi Chen, Andrey Smelter and Hunter N.B. Moseley. Natural Product Communications (accepted).
    4. A Lexical Approach to Identifying Subtype Inconsistencies in Biomedical Terminologies Rashmie Abeysinghe, Fengbo Zheng, Eugene W. Hinderer III, Hunter N.B. Moseley, and Licong Cui. Quality Assurance of Biological and Biomedical Ontologies and Terminologies Workshop -- Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2018 IEEE International Conference pp. 1982-1989 (2018).
    5. Advances in Gene Ontology Utilization Improve Statistical Power of Annotation Enrichment Eugene W. Hinderer III, Robert M. Flight, Rashmi Dubey, James N. MacLeod, and Hunter N.B. Moseley. BioRxiv preprint 419085 (2018).
    6. A novel deconvolution method for modeling UDP-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine biosynthetic pathways based on (13)C mass isotopologue profiles under non-steady-state conditions. Moseley HNB, Lane AN, Belshoff AC, Higashi RM and Fan TW. BMC Biol 9:37, 2011. Citations: 34 (Google Scholar). PMCID: PMC3126751.
    7. Correcting for the Effects of Natural Abundance in Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics Experiments Involving Ultra-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry. Moseley HNB. BMC Bioinformatics 11:139, 2010. Citations: 29 (Google Scholar). PMCID: PMC2848236
    8. Automated analysis of NMR assignments and structures for proteins. Moseley HNB and Montelione GT. Curr Opin Struct Biol 9:635-42, 1999. Citations: 190 (Google Scholar)
    9. Assignment validation software suite for the evaluation and presentation of protein resonance assignment data. Moseley HNB, Sahota G and Montelione GT. J Biomol NMR 28:341-55, 2004. Citations: 90 (Google Scholar).
    10. Complete relaxation and conformational exchange matrix (CORCEMA) analysis of NOESY spectra of interacting systems; two-dimensional transferred NOESY. Moseley HNB, Curto EV and Krishna NR. J Magn Reson B 108:243-61, 1995. Citations: 98 (Google Scholar).
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