Nursing Care Technician Scholarship Consent Form

General Information

Are you currently employed at the University of Kentucky?
Have you ever been previously employed by the University of Kentucky?
At the Lexington Campus?
At UK HealthCare?
At the Bluegrass Community and Technical College?

Employment History

Work Experience
Enter your ending hourly wage if not salaried.
Are you eligible for rehire with this employer?


Please list all licenses and certifications (driver’s, CDL, teaching, nursing, CPA, vocational, etc.) that you possess. 

Please list license information in this format: Professional license/certification / Registration number / State or licensing authority / Expiration date


Citizenship Status

If you are NOT a United States citizen, do you have the necessary immigration permission and documentation to work in the U.S.?

Professional References

List below the names, titles, and phone numbers of three professional references that would be able to address your work habits, skills and abilities.
Professional References (Include: Name, Title, Company, Phone)
more items
May we contact this individual for a reference?

Additional information

Name of any relative(s) currently employed by the University (include relationship and department). (Please limit text to no more than three lines.)
What are your job interests (for example, NICU, OB, ED, pediatrics, ICU, etc.) Please do not list more than three.

Have you ever pleaded guilty to, or been convicted by a judge or jury of, a felony in this state or in any other state, or do you have any pending felony charge(s)? You must report any felony, even if probation, parole, an Alford Plea or pretrial diversion occurred?

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please provide the details of each conviction or pending felony charge below, including DATE (month/year), LOCATION (city, county, state), and NATURE of ALL felony convictions or pending felony charges. Failure to list ALL felony convictions or pending felony charges may be considered a falsification of this application and result in: the withdrawal of an offer of employment, restriction on applying for any other positions at the University, and/or termination from any current employment with the University of Kentucky. It is not acceptable to substitute "will discuss in interview" for this information (please use a separate sheet if more than four): 

Please list your: Date of conviction(s) or pending felony charge(s) Month and Year - Location of conviction (City/County/State)
more items
Pre-employment records verifications are conducted. If you are unsure of this information, visit your local police department and request a copy of your records. A conviction will not necessarily prevent you from being employed at the University of Kentucky.
  • I certify that all answers to the questions in my resume/application and this Consent Form are true, and I further understand that any false statement and/or omissions in this resume/application will be sufficient grounds for rejection of the resume/application, or termination of employment.
  • I authorize the University to make any and all necessary and appropriate investigations to verify the information contained herein, including criminal records, educational credentials, and work experience. References obtained are done so in confidence.
  • I understand that, if hired in a Regular status (non-temporary) with the University, I will be required to enroll and participate in the University’s retirement plan as of my attainment of age thirty (30). Failure to do so shall result in termination of employment.
  • I understand if I am offered a position, I may be required to successfully pass a pre-employment drug screen. I further understand that refusal or failure to appear for a scheduled pre-employment drug screen, refusal to disclose test results, or a positive drug screen indicating the presence of illegal drug(s) or inappropriate use of legal drugs, will result in the withdrawal of any job offer. Further, a positive drug screen or failure to submit for drug screening shall result in my being ineligible for hire for any position at the University of Kentucky for a minimum period of one (1) year.
  • I understand if I am offered a position, I may be required to undergo a pre-employment national background check as mandated by University of Kentucky Human Resources.
  • I understand that, if hired, I will be required to sign this document in front of a University representative if I initially submitted it electronically or by fax.

In signing this document, I hereby certify that I have read the above information, that I understand the above information, and that I agree to abide by the above information.

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