In this section of our website, we hope to provide resources that you will find useful in expanding your knowledge and understanding of bioethics. If you would like to suggest a resource, please contact us by e-mailing 

Introduction to Clinical Ethics

Clinical ethics pedagogy is a necessary and essential part of medical education for both residents and medical students. Faced with limited resources for teaching clinical ethics, and limited classroom time available for residents and medical students, the UK Program for Bioethics developed this novel multimedia computer-based-learning series designed to meet both ACGME guidelines in Ethics and Professionalism, as well as LCME guidelines in bioethics.
(These modules are currently unavailable while they are undergoing revision. We will announce when they are again available.)

Bioethics on film 

For any clinical or non-clinical department, we can offer a screening and panel discussion on any of the films listed here. An email discussion of the issues raised in these films can also be coordinated for small groups who view these after hours at home. These films are also excellent for viewing on your own.

Useful links

We also maintain and make available a list of links to bioethics societies and bioethics programs at other universities.

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