Dr. Robert DiPaola holds a book in his office.

It's National Book Lovers Day – here's what the College of Medicine dean is reading

Today, August 9, is National Book Lovers Day, an unofficial holiday celebrating reading and literature. Since school is right around the corner, we asked Dr. Robert DiPaola to share a book he’s recently read that inspires and informs the important work he does as dean of the UK College of Medicine.

"I found Alan Jacobs’ perspective in his book "How to Think" fascinating, particularly his consideration of not only the physiological aspects of thinking but also the influence of one’s character, the social pressures and the ability to evaluate all evidence. According to Jacobs, 'Thinking is not the decision itself, but what goes into the decision, the consideration, the assessment … and weighing the available evidence.' As a physician, a scientist and the dean of the College of Medicine, this concept is an exceptional guiding principle. I encourage all individuals who collaborate with a group to check it out. This insight is invaluable." 

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