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Problems with gambling are becoming increasingly common in the United States, especially among college students. Statistics vary, but studies show that about 25 percent of college men gambled each week in 2005.

It is also estimated that 10% of college students (18-24) can be considered problem gamblers and have experienced negative consequences as a result of gambling.

Students may choose to gamble for a number of reasons, including relieving stress, to make money, for entertainment, to add excitement to sporting events, and more.

College students currently have the highest prevalence rate of compulsive gamblers. There are many signs of a gambling addiction; these may vary person to person. These include:

  • A sudden drop in grades
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Loss of interest in non-gambling activities
  • Neglects personal hygiene
  • Frequently misses work or class
  • Changes in behavior