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Employee Hospital Policies

University of Kentucky Hospital, Chandler Medical Center

Policy Number: HP03-01


SUBJECT: Hospital Employee Health Program

SEE ALSO: Hospital policies HP03-03, Hepatitis B Immunization; HP03-07, Control of Varicella; HP03-17; Monitoring Exposure to Transmissible Agents; HP03-19, Management of Employees with Communicable Diseases; HP10-33, Reportable Occurrences; 
HP09-25, UK Worker's Care

  • Responsibility for Fulfilling Employee Health Requirements

    It is the responsibility of each department to notify employees of the due date for annual employee health screenings.

    Employees overdue for testing may be suspended from work without pay until they have completed the TB skin test or other Employee Health requirements. If the employee fails to have the TB skin test or other required tests completed within 10 days after suspension the employee may be terminated.

    The employee will print TB test results and deliver the results to their supervisor, to be filed in the employee's personnel file: The supervisor should maintain copies of the last three years of the printed TB test results in the employee's file.

  • Information & Instructions

    The University of Kentucky Hospital Employee Health Program is designed to provide a means of protection for patients and employees against hospital-acquired and/or work-related infections or injuries.

    This protection is to be accomplished by initial and periodic screening of employees, taking into consideration the degree of exposure to certain conditions and to specific hazards related to their job.

    This screening is not intended to be a substitute for services provided by the employee's private physician. The Employee Health Program is to serve as a focal point for the collection of information and disposition of employee job-related health problems.