Transplant & COVID-19

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence has shown that patients who are at highest risk of severe infection or even mortality from COVID-19 are the elderly, or those who have chronic illness. As it pertains to transplant, every patient of ours has end stage organ failure (which, by default, is a chronic illness). The vast majority of our patients have one or more significant medical conditions in addition to their end stage organ failure, including the very common conditions of hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

It is not currently known whether transplant patients are at higher risk compared to others with chronic illnesses. However, it is well known that transplant patients are generally more susceptible to infectious-related complications due to the presence of immunosuppression, which diminishes the body’s ability to respond and clear any infection. Therefore, it is suspected that transplant patients are at greater risk for complication from COVID-19 than the general population.

Our patients should follow the recommendations of the American Society of Transplantation on vaccination, social distancing and masking. You can also watch UK HealthCare's Dr. Meera Gupta discuss transplant recipients and vaccine recommendations.

Now that vaccines are being distributed, you may have questions about what is recommended for you as a transplant candidate or recipient. Click the link below to find out what our teams recommend, based on the organ you are in need of or have received.

Find more information at our COVID-19 Information Hub.