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Patient Experience Awards

The Patient Experience Award banner is given at the end of each quarter to departments or clinics that score in the top 25 percent or 5 percent in patient satisfaction. UK HealthCare is benchmarked against other academic medical centers across the nation.

The department or clinic displays the banner during the time they have achieved the top rankings. The banners are color-coded to communicate the tier ranking. Green indicates a ranking in the 75th percentile; blue indicates the 95th percentile. Departments or clinics must receive 5 or more surveys to receive the award.

Beginning in 2017, the department or clinic that maintains the outstanding level of patient satisfaction for each quarter of the full fiscal year will be awarded a banner displaying the department name and year of the achievement.

The patient satisfaction survey is conducted by an independent third-party company. Patients score UK HealthCare on communication, responsiveness of staff, hospital environment, pain management and discharge information. 

If you have questions, please contact Chelsea Smitson at or 859-257-5967.

*Indicates 95th percentile.

  • Current quarter department/clinic winners

    6 North (Cardiology)

    7 West (General)

    A06A (Neurology/Neurosurgery)

    A06L (Neurology/Neurosurgery)*

    S6E (Good Samaritan 6th floor)

    Endocrine Peds-Barnstable Brown

    Family & Community Medicine at North Fork Valley (Hazard)

    Internal Medicine CareBlue *

    June Buchanan Clinic

    OB/GYN Oncology *

    Pediatric at Maxwell

    Transplant Clinic

    Transplant Community Clinic *

    Women's Health

    Lab, UKHC Good Samaritan*

    Sports Rehabilitation, UKHC Turfland*

    Ultrasound, UKHC Georgetown*

  • Quarter 3, FY19

    Pulmonary (Kentucky Clinic)

    UKHC Good Samaritan- Lab

    Center for Advanced Surgery (CAS)

    A06J (Neuroscience Services)

    S6E (Good Samaritan 6th floor)

  • Quarter 2, FY19

    Cardiology Frankfort


    IM CareBlue*

    June Buchanan Clinic

    Comprehensive Breast Care Center*

    MRI, KY Clinic*

    Ultrasound Georgetown*

    Echocardiogram, Good Samaritan*

    S6E, Good Samaritan*

  • Quarter 1, FY19

    Barnstable Brown adult endocrinology


    Care Blue*

    Occupational & Travel Medicine - Turfland

    Pediatrics at Maxwell*

    Pediatrics, Genetics & Metabolism

    Women's Health

  • Quarter 4, FY18

    Comprehensive Breast Care Center

    Georgetown FM


    UK Midwife*

    Women’s Health*

    Radiation Medicine

    Peds @ Maxwell

    IM Care Blue*




  • Quarter 3, FY18

    Good Samaritan 6th floor

    Echocardiogram at Good Samaritan

    IM CareBlue*

    Hematology & Oncology Pediatrics/Dance Blue

  • Quarter 2, FY18

    Pulmonary Clinic

    IM CareBlue Clinic*

    Gynecologic-Oncology Clinic

    Comprehensive Breast Care Center

    Cardiopulmonary Rehab

  • Quarter 1, FY18

    A06J Tower 2 Neurosurgery ICU

    A08A Tower 1 Progressive Cardiovascular

    A08J Tower 2 ICU Cardiovascular

    Ultrasound, UKHC Georgetown*

    Allergy & Immunology*

    Family Care Center*


    Hematology at MCC*

    Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine*

    Pediatrics, Genetics & Metabolism*

    Surgery, General – UK Good Samaritan

    Women’s Health

  • Quarter 4, FY17

    3BMC (Third floor of Markey)

    A10A (Pavilion A 10th floor Tower 1 Acute)

    Good Samaritan 6th Floor

    Georgetown OB-GYN*


    Pediatrics at Maxwell*

    Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics


  • Quarter 3, FY17

    GSH 6th floor



    Sports Rehabilitation at Turfland

    Comprehensive Breast Care Center

    Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

    Cardiothoracic (CT) Surgery*

    Gastroenterology at GSH

    Internal Medicine CareBlue

    June Buchanan Clinic 

    Pediatrics at Maxwell

    Gynecologic Oncology

  • Quarter 2, FY17


    Good Samaritan Hospital 6th Floor

    Chemotherapy Infusion at UK Markey Cancer Center

    CT Scan at Good Samaritan Hospital

    EKG Gill Heart Institute

    Comprehensive Breast Care Center

    Georgetown Obstetrics and Gynecology


    Multidisciplinary Oncology Clinic Markey Cancer Center

    Vascular Surgery 

  • Quarter 4, FY16



    Comprehensive Breast Care Center

    Gynecologic Oncology Clinic*

    Internal Medicine*

    June Buchanan*

    Refractive Surgery*

    Speech and Language

    Cardio Thoracic Surgery

    Pediatrics at Maxwell Street

  • Yearly, FY16

    Kentucky Children’s Services 4 PICU

    Pediatric Community Cardiology

    DanceBlue KCH Hematology Oncology Clinic

    Refractive Surgery Services*

    Pediatrics at Maxwell Street

    Comprehensive Breast Care Center

    Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation