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Video Schedule & Expectations

EVPHA Corporate Communications (8-6-18)

Brand Standards

The UK HealthCare Brand Standards play an important role in managing our brand. Every time we communicate with patients, families, vendors, employees and the community, it is essential that we build and reinforce a consistent image.

Videos conceptualized, produced and edited applying the UK HealthCare Brand Standards help us achieve that goal.

Questions to ask:

  • What is the budget for video?
  • What team member(s) is/are requesting the video?
  • What department/work unit?
  • What are the subject and objectives of the video?
  • Who is the audience of the video?
  • What location(s) is the video expected to be filmed?
  • Number of team members expected in the video?
  • How many minutes is the video expected to be?
  • What is the expected date to have the final video?
  • Video options

    • Third-party production company
      • Longer videos more than 1-2 minutes
      • B-roll
      • Graphics
      • Multiple locations
      • More than 2 people
    • iPad Pro 4K
      • Shorter videos less than 2 minutes
      • Graphics o Less than 2 people
  • Schedule

    The answers to the questions above will determine how long the process of planning, filming, editing, revising and delivery of final video will take.

    • Request for video must be at least 10 working days weeks in advance of filming.
    • Allow 5 working days after filming for editing before receiving first look of video.
    • Allow 5-10 working days after receiving first-look of video for viewing, revisions and re-revisions before receiving final video.