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To sign up for My UKHealthCare, just fill out the form below. So that we may accurately match your email address with the right medical record, please provide the following information. This information will be used ONLY to protect your security by making an accurate match. Your information will not be shared or sold to spammers, ever.  

Once we receive your email address, look for an email invitation from Follow My Health, our software vendor. Follow the easy 1-2-3 directions in the email to set up an account. You must complete this step to have access to the portal.

If you don't see an invitation within three business days, check your Spam folder. Still not there? Call our Health Information Management office at 859-323-5117.

To request portal access on behalf of a minor child or dependent adult, visit our My UKHealthCare proxy page

To learn more about the portal and what it can do for you, visit the My UKHealthCare homepage

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