Questionnaire for Kidney Donor Evaluation

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cause of death and age at death.
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Heart and Lungs:
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Shortness of breath: *  
Night sweats: *  
Chest pain or pressure: *  
Rapid heartbeat/fluttering: *  
Asthma/wheezing: *  
Have you ever had an abnormal EKG?: *  
Have you ever had an abnormal chest X-ray? *  
Have you ever had a heart attack? *  
Have you ever had a pacemaker? *  
Have you ever had a cardiac cath? *  
Have you ever had heart valve replacement? *  
Have you ever had heart bypass surgery? *  
Have you ever had a heart murmur? *  
Have you ever had rheumatic fever? *  
Have you ever had heart valve disease? *  
Vomiting blood: *  
Gall bladder trouble: *  
Blood in stool/black tarry stools: *  
Hemorrhoids: *  
Jaundice: *  
Ulcers: *  
Have you had a colonoscopy? *  
Women's Health:      
Do you still have periods?          
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During pregnancy, did you require treatment of high blood pressure?  
During pregnancy, did you require treatment of elevated blood sugar?  
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Frequent headaches:  *  
Fainting spells: *  
Convulsions (epilepsy, seizures): *  
Dizzy spells: *  
Depression: *  
Nerve pills: *  
Kidney/bladder infections:  *  
Pain on urination: *  
Blood in urine: *  
Problems emptying bladder: *  
Kidney stones: *  
Have you ever had a transfusion?
Are you willing to accept transfusions?
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Have you been hospitalized or seen a health care provider in
the last 12 months?