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Terrence A. Barrett, MD

Cancer Center Member

Chief, Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition

Terrance A. Barrett, MD

Research Programs:
Translational Oncology

Colleges & Departments:
College of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine

Faculty Rank:
Professor of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology

Research Focus

Contact Information

W.M. R. Willard Medical Education Building
Lexington, KY 40536
United States


  1. "Epithelial TNF Receptor Signaling Promotes Mucosal Repair in Inflammatory Bowel Disease." Bradford, E.M.;Ryu, S.H.;Singh, A.P.;Lee, G.;Goretsky, T.;Sinh, P.;Williams, D.B.;Cloud, A.L.;Gounaris, E.;Patel, V.;Lamping, O.F.;Lynch, E.B.;Moyer, M.P.;De Plaen, I.G.;Shealy, D.J.;Yang, G.Y.;Barrett, T.A. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 199, 5 (2017): 1886-1897.
  2. "Interdependency of EGF and GLP-2 Signaling in Attenuating Mucosal Atrophy in a Mouse Model of Parenteral Nutrition." Feng, Y.;Demehri, F.R.;Xiao, W.;Tsai, Y.H.;Jones, J.C.;Brindley, C.D.;Threadgill, D.W.;Holst, J.J.;Hartmann, B.;Barrett, T.A.;Teitelbaum, D.H.;Dempsey, P.J. Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology 3, 3 (2017): 447-468.
  3. "Predictors of Chronic Opioid Use in Newly Diagnosed Crohn's Disease." Pauly, N.J.;Michailidis, L.;Kindred, M.G.;Flomenhoft, D.;Lofwall, M.R.;Walsh, S.L.;Talbert, J.C.;Barrett, T.A. Inflammatory bowel diseases 23, 6 (2017): 1004-1010.
  4. "Myo-inositol reduces β-catenin activation in colitis." Bradford, E.M.;Thompson, C.A.;Goretsky, T.;Yang, G.Y.;Rodriguez, L.M.;Li, L.;Barrett, T.A. World journal of gastroenterology 23, 28 (2017): 5115-5126.
  5. "Epithelial PIK3R1 (p85) and TP53 Regulate Survivin Expression during Adaptation to Ileocecal Resection." Cohran, V.;Managlia, E.;Bradford, E.M.;Goretsky, T.;Li, T.;Katzman, R.B.;Cheresh, P.;Brown, J.B.;Hawkins, J.;Liu, S.X.;De Plaen, I.G.;Weitkamp, J.H.;Helmrath, M.;Zhang, Z.;Barrett, T.A. The American journal of pathology 186, 7 (2016): 1837-46.



University of Illinois at Chicago


Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago


Gastroenterology, University of Chicago IBD, University of Chicago Immunology, University of Chicago

Certifications and Special Training

American Board of Internal Medicine American Board of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

Research Equipment