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Gregory J. Bix, MD, PhD

Dr. Gregory Bix

Research Programs:

Faculty Rank:
Professor of Neurology

Research Focus

The role of the extracellular matrix in stroke.

Research Interests

My lab is interested in the role of extracellular matrix in stroke, the fifth leading cause of mortality in the United States. Vascular matrix components are often very sensitive to proteolytic processing/degradation in models of focal cerebral ischemia. Often such processing will generate biologically active matrix fragments. One focus of our lab is to determine how select matrix fragments affect the neurovascular unit, the functional multicellular unit that is perturbed in stroke. Another focus of our lab is to determine what role these matrix fragments could play in neurodevelopment involving processes that are often recapitulated in response to CNS injury.

Contact Information

UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center

800 S. Limestone
Room 430
Lexington, KY 40536
United States




Baylor College Medicine, Houston


Pediatric Neurology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia