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Yvonne N. Fondufe-Mittendorf, PhD

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yvonne fondufe-mittendorf
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    Assistant Professor
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  • Publications


    1. A genomic code for nucleosome positioning. Eran Segal, Yvonne Fondufe-Mittendorf, Lingyi Chen, AnnChristine Thåström, Yair Field, Irene K. Moore, Ji-Ping Z. Wang and Jonathan Widom, (2006). Nature 442(7104): 772-8: Impact factor: 39.749.
    2. A role of PARP1 in alternative splicing regulation Matveeva E, Maiorano J, Zhang Q, Eteleeb A, Convertini P, Chen Jing, Stamm S, Rouchka EC, Wang J and Fondufe-Mittendorf YN (2016) Cell Discovery 2: 15046 -Nature journal; doi: 10.1038/celldisc.2015.46
    3. Inorganic Arsenic-induced cellular transformation is coupled with genome wide changes in chromatin structure, transcriptome and splicing patterns. Riedmann C, Ma Y, Melikishvili M, Godfrey SG, Zhang Z, Chen KC, Rouchka EC, Fondufe-Mittendorf YN (2015) BMC Genomics. 2015 Mar 19;16:212. doi: 10.1186/s12864-015-1295-9.
    4. Quantitative mass spectrometry reveals changes in Histone H2B variants as cells undergo inorganic arsenic-mediated cellular transformation. Rea M, Jiang T, Eleazer R, Eckstein M, Marshall AG, Fondufe-Mittendorf YN (2016). Mol. Cell. Proteomics. 15(7): 2411-22. doi:10.1074/mcp.M116.058412.
    5. Gene expression reprogramming in Yeast Coupled to Evolution of DNA-Encoded Nucleosome Organization Yair Field*, Yvonne Fondufe-Mittendorf*, Irene Moore, Piotr Mieczkowski, Noam Kaplan, Jason Lieb, Jonathan Widom, Eran Segal (2009) Nat Genet. 41(4): 438-45. PMID: 19252487: Impact factor: 29.64.