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Rina Plattner, PhD

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rina plattner
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  • Publications


    1. c-Abl and Arg are activated in human primary melanomas, promote melanoma cell invasion via distinct pathways, and drive metastatic progression. Ganguly SS, Fiore LS, Sims JT, Friend JW, Srinivasan D, Cibull ML, Wang Ch, Novak M, Kaetzel, DM, Plattner R. Oncogene 31:1804-1816, 2012.
    2. Deregulated abl kinases promote proliferation, anchorage-independent growth and survival of aggressive breast cancer cells. Srinivasan D, Sims JT, Plattner R. Oncogene 27:1095-1105, 2008.
    3. SHP-2 is a novel target of Abl kinases during cell proliferation. Mitra S, Beach C, Feng GS, Plattner R. J Cell Sci 121:3335-3346, 2008.
    4. Imatinib reverses doxorubicin resistance by affecting activation of STAT3-dependent NF-κΒ and HSP27/p38/AKT pathways and by inhibiting ABCB1. Sims JT, Ganguly SS, Bennett H, Friend WJ, Tepe J, Plattner R. PLoS One 2013.