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Ren Xu, PhD

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ren xu
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    Associate Professor
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  • Publications


    1. Membrane associated collagen XIII promotes cancer metastasis and enhances anoikis resistance. Zhang H, Fredericks T, Xiong G, Qi Y, Li J, Pihlajaniemi T, Xu W, and Xu R*. Breast Cancer Research. 2018 Oct 1;20(1):116.
    2. Collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase 1 is essential for HIF-1α stabilization and chemoresistance in TNBC. Xiong G, Stewart RL, Chen J, Gao T, Scott TM, Samayo LM, O’Connor K, Lane AN, Xu R*. Nature Communications. 2018 Oct 26;9(1):4456.
    3. Chaperone hsp47 drives malignant growth and invasion by modulating an ECM gene network. Zhu J, Xiong G, Fu H, Evers BM, Zhou BP, Xu R*. Cancer Research. 2015, 75(8):1580.
    4. RORα suppresses breast tumor invasion through inducing SEMA3F expression. Xiong G, Wang C, Evers BM, Zhou BP, Xu R. Cancer Research 72(7):1728-39, 2012.
    5. FAM83A confers EGFR-TKI resistance in breast cancer cells and in mice. Lee S, Meier R, Furuta S, Lenburg ME, Kenny PA, Xu R, Bissell MJ. J Clin Invest 122(9):3211-20, 2012.
    6. Photonic Gene Circuits by Optically Addressable siRNA-Au Nanoantennas. Lee SE, Sasaki DY, Park Y, Xu R, Brennan JS, Bissell MJ, Lee LP. ACS Nano 6(9):7770-80, 2012.
    7. Myc suppresses cancer metastasis by direct transcriptional silencing of αv and β3 integrin subunits. Liu H, Radisky DC, Yang D, Xu R, Radisky ES, Bissell MJ, Bishop JM. Nature Cell Biology 14(6): 567-74, 2012.
    8. Gene transcriptional networks integrate microenvironmental signals in human breast cancer. Xu R, Mao J-H. Integr Biol 3(4):368-74, 2011.