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Mark Dignan, PhD, MPH

Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Research Program
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mark dignan
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  • Publications


    1. Inconsistencies between medical records and patient-reported recommendations for follow-up after abnormal Pap tests. Slone S, White C, Shelton B, Van Meter E, DeSimone C, Schoenberg N, Dignan M. Journal of Women’s Health 22(2):147-152, 2013.
    2. A community-based randomized trial of a faith-placed intervention to reduce cervical cancer burden in Appalachia. Studts CR, Tarasenko YN, Schoenberg NE, Shelton BJ, Hatcher-Keller J, Dignan MB. Preventive Medicine. 54:408-414, 2012.
    3. Parallels between the development of therapeutic drugs and cancer health disparity programs: Implications for disparities reduction. Chu KC, Chen MS, Dignan MB, Taylor E, Partridge E. Cancer 113(10):2790-2796, 2008.
    4. Faith moves mountains: An Appalachian cervical cancer prevention program. Schoenberg NE, Hatcher J, Dignan MB, Shelton B, Wright S, Dollarhide KF. Am J Health Behavior 33(6):627-638, 2009.
    5. Effectiveness of Health Education to Reduce Cervical Cancer Among Cherokee Indian Women in North Carolina. Dignan M, Michielutte R, Blinson K, Wells HB, Case LD, Sharp P, Davis S, Konen J, McQuellon R. JNCI 88(22):1670-1676, 1996.