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Jia Luo, PhD

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  • Publications


    1. Autophagy is a protective response to ethanol neurotoxicity. Chen G, Ke ZJ, Xu M, Liao M, Wang X, Frank JA, Bower KA, Shi X and Luo J. Autophagy 8:1577–89, 2012.
    2. Cdc42-depdedent activation of NADPH oxidase is involved in ethanol-induced neuronal oxidative stress. Wang X, Ke ZJ, Chen G, Xu M, Bower KA, Frank JA, Zhang Z, Shi X and Luo J. PLoS One 7:e38075, 2012.
    3. Ethanol promotes mammary tumor growth and angiogenesis: the involvement of chemoattractant factor MCP-1. Wang S, Xu M, Li F, Wang X, Bower KA, Frank JA, Lu Y, Chen G, Zhang Z, Ke Z, Shi X and Luo J. Breast Cancer Res Treat 133:1037-48, 2012.
    4. Double strand RNA-activated protein kinase regulates the motility of breast cancer cells. Xu M, Chen G, Wang S, Liao M, Frank JA, Bower KA, Zhang Z, Shi X and Luo J. PLoS One 7:e47721, 2012.
    5. Ethanol disrupts vascular endothelial barrier: implication in cancer metastasis. Xu M, Chen G, Fu W, Liao M, Frank JA, Bower KA, Fang S, Zhang Z, Shi X and Luo J. Toxicol Sci 127:42-53, 2012.