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Cai Huang, PhD

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cai huang
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    Assistant Professor
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  • Publications


    1. Ubiquitination of PIPKIγ90 by HECTD1 regulates focal adhesion dynamics and cell migration. Li X, Zhou Q, Sunkara M, Kutys M, Wu Z, Rychahou P, Morris AM, Zhu H, Evers BM, Huang C. J Cell Sci 2013.
    2. PIPKIgamma regulates focal adhesion dynamics and colon cancer cell invasion. Wu Z, Li X, Sunkara M, Spearman H, Morris AJ, Huang C. PLoS One 6(9):e24775, 2011.
    3. Detection of protein-protein interactions employing non-immune IgG and BirA-mediated biotinylation. Huang C, Jacobson K. Biotechniques 49(6):881-6, 2010.
    4. Roles of E3 ubiquitin ligases in cell adhesion and migration. Huang C. Cell Adh Migr 4(1):10-8, 2010.
    5. Talin Phosphorylation by Cdk5 regulates Smurf1-mediated talin head ubiquitination and cell migration. Huang C, Rajfur Z, Yousefi N, Chen Z, Jacobson K, Ginsberg MH. Nat Cell Biol 11:624-630, 2009.