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Brad Anderson, PhD

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brad anderson
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  • Publications


    1. Influence of Chain Ordering on the Selectivity of DPPC Bilayer Membranes to Permeant Size and Shape. T.-X. Xiang and B.D. Anderson. Biophysical J., 75, 2658-2671 (1998).
    2. Liposomal Delivery of Hydrophobic Weak Acids: Enhancement of Drug Retention Using a High Intraliposomal pH. V. Joguparthi and B.D. Anderson. J. Pharm. Sci., 97, 433-454 (2008).
    3. A Mechanism-Based Kinetic Analysis of Succinimide Mediated Deamidation, Racemization, and Covalent Adduct Formation in a Model Peptide in Amorphous Lyophiles. M.P. DeHart and B.D. Anderson. J. Pharm. Sci., 101, 3096-3109 (2012).
    4. Anderson, Insights Into Accelerated Liposomal Release of Topotecan in Plasma Monitored by a Non-invasive Fluorescence Spectroscopic Method. K.D. Fugit, A. Jyoti, M. Upreti, and B.D. J. Control. Rel., 197, 10-19 (2015).
    5. Anderson, Determination of Key Parameters for a Mechanism-Based Model to Predict Doxorubicin Release from Actively-Loaded Liposomes. E. Csuhai, S. Kangarlou, T.-X. Xiang, A. Ponta, P. Bummer, D. Choi, and B. D. J. Pharm. Sci., 104, 1087-1098, (2015).