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Patient Stories

Gil Bagang patient story

UK HealthCare Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine has helped many people regain their quality of life or return to a sport they love. Here are some of their stories:

Peter Gray

They are the best. My knee is a testament to it. 

Just weeks after his latest surgery, Peter Gray, an athlete–turned–athletic trainer, was in the process of recovering from his third—and hopefully last—ACL reconstruction. As part of UK HealthCare’s Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine team, the choice of where to go for his surgery was an easy one: ACL expert Dr. Darren Johnson, with post-op care from UK HealthCare’s team of physical therapists. 

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Patty Lane

After hip surgery at UK, triathlete pursues her passion without limits

When Patty Lane’s orthopaedic surgeon told her that her time as an endurance athlete was over, she was so upset she didn’t even tell her family.

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Gil Bagang

No excuses. Go get it taken care of.

Gil Bagang has been playing volleyball for years. After growing up playing tennis, he got involved with a recreational volleyball league with some friends when he was a teenager. He fell in love with the game, eventually playing at a national level. All that came crashing down when he ruptured his ACL in 2015.

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Geri Maschio

Innovative pain-relief treatment allows woman to enjoy trip to Italy

Geri Maschio spent more than a year planning a girls trip to Italy, but pain in her hip threatened to keep her from getting on a plane and experiencing the cities she’d been dreaming about.

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Angela Chaney

UK orthopaedic surgeon finds answer to woman’s chronic hip pain

For most of her life, Angela Chaney had experienced severe pain and discomfort in her hips.

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Todd Svoboda

Former Wildcat teams up with UK HealthCare to fight rare cancer

When Todd Svoboda felt a bump on the side of his right knee, he assumed it was a tennis injury, something he could clear up with a trip to a sports medicine doctor.

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Peter Gray, Athletic Trainer

From Injured Athlete to Athletic Trainer.

That scenario is one that Peter Gray knows intimately. He knows what it’s like to have a major injury just as you’re getting ready to take the next step. He knows what it’s like to go through ACL surgery, followed by months of rehab. He knows all of that because he’s done it. A high school athlete himself, he was sidelined with two ACL injuries that ended his athletic career.

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Leonard Preston

Building a shoulder from scratch

A dull ache was the beginning of a fifteen-year saga for Leonard Preston. Then a 23-year-old Air Force member, Leonard was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a form of bone cancer that starts out in the cartilage. By the time they caught it, Leonard’s cancer had eaten through more than half of his humerus.

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