Data repository


The MCCSAIF has teamed up with the Biostatistics Shared Resource Facility (BSRF) and Markey Cancer Center Informatics to provide a new method of data collection and management through LabKey Server. LabKey Server is open-source software that solves many of the data management challenges of modern biomedical research. Research data can be organized and managed in a secure, web-accessible environment, and then analyzed by using R, Excel, FlowJo, and SAS.

The Markey Cancer Center LabKey server can be found at the following URL: 

The Markey Cancer Center LabKey server has been modified to provide the following features specifically for animal studies:

  • Automatically upload bioluminescence intensity data from IVIS 50 or IVIS   Spectrum
  • Manually enter caliper measurements and bioluminescent data
  • Display pre-defined line plots and box plots instantly from entered data for preliminary data visualization
  • Easy access of well-designed database from researcher to statistician for timely statistical analysis
To request login ID and password for LabKey system contact us at
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