RM SRF faculty and staff

D. Allan Butterfield, PhD, Director of the Redox Metabolism Shared Resource Facility
dabcns@uky.edu; 859-323-1106 
Dr. Butterfield is the UK Alumni Association Endowed Professor of Biological Chemistry. His expertise is in detection of free radicals, measures of oxidative stress, and proteomics identification of oxidatively modified proteins. Dr. Butterfield serves as the Director of the RM SRF.

Haining Zhu, PhD, Associate Director of the RM SRF for Proteomics and Director of the University of Kentucky Proteomics Facility
haining@uky.edu; 859 323-3643 
Prof. Zhu is primarily responsible for overseeing proteomics analyses of proteins of interest to MCC investigators.

Richard Higashi, PhD, Associate Director of the RM SRF for Metabolomics and Director of the Resource Center for Stable Isotope-Resolved Metabolomics (RC-SIRM)
rick.higashi@uky.edu; 859-218-1027   
Dr. Higashi is an expert on mass spectrometry, identifying and quantitating metabolites of importance in cancer. He is a Professor of Toxicology and Cancer Biology and Associate Director of Metabolomics for the RM SRF.

Mihail (Mike) Mitov, PhD, Scientist II/Laboratory Operations Manager
m.mitov@uky.edu; 859-323-1106 
Dr. Mitov provides initial consultations for PIs for all RM SRF services. For oxidative stress and Seahorse analyses, Dr. Mitov provides PIs assistance with experimental design, data analysis and troubleshooting. He also routinely determines indices of oxidative damage, separates and analyzes proteins for proteomics analyses and uses Seahorse technology-mediated determination cellular bioenergetics and mitochondrial functions through various assays.

Michael Alstott, MS, Senior Laboratory Technician
michael.alstott@uky.edu; 859-323-1106 
Mr. Alstott assists in all aspects of the daily laboratory operation, including oxidative stress and Seahorse analyses. He also provides experimental administrative assistance to the Director and RM SRF service users.

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