Markey Cancer Center Molecular Tumor Board (MTB)

The Markey Cancer Center Molecular Tumor Board (MTB) is a statewide service available to physicians at UK HealthCare and regional affiliates.

The MTB provides a forum for expert clinicians, pathologists and scientists to discuss and analyze tumor genotypes and molecular abnormalities in order to recommend patient specific targeted therapies. 

The MTB is intended to supplement oncology tumor boards and includes a broad range of expert panel members.

Clinicians can order a genomic report and submit a case study to be presented for review by the MTB during their twice monthly meetings. For an overview of the MTB, download our referral form. (PDF, 295 KB)

Rachel Miller, MD
Jill Kolesar, PharmD, MS

Contact Information


  • Jill Kolesar, PharmD, MS, Co-Director
  • Rachel Miller, MD, Co-Director

Molecular Tumor Board Office Phone: 1-844-622-0341

Click here to contact the MTB by email, or email Dr. Kolesar directly.

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