• Liver cancer

    Markey’s Liver Cancer Team provides expert consultation and ongoing care for patients with cancers of the liver and bile duct as well as cancers that spread to the liver, including hepatocellular cancer, cholangiocarcinoma and metastatic cancer.

    Using state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge medical and surgical interventions, the Liver Cancer Team provides advanced and timely diagnosis and individualized, ongoing care for patients. Each patient is cared for by a team of liver specialists who meet regularly to discuss individual patient cases and treatment plans. This multidisciplinary team will work with you and your doctor to coordinate a care plan designed to offer the best outcomes.


    • Interventional radiologic and endoscopic palliation of biliary obstruction
    • Laparoscopic cancer staging
    • Laparoscopic liver resections
    • Liver directed chemotherapy
    • Liver resections
    • Liver transplantation
    • Radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors
    • Systemic chemotherapy
    • Targeted radiotherapy 

    Liver cancer care at the Markey Cancer Center

    Clinical trials 

    Patient appointments

      Request an appointment online or call 859-257-4488 or toll free 866-340-4488.

  • Surviving Organ Failure, Transplant & Cancer

    Watch the video on YouTube »

    Teresa Schladt’s life-size self-portrait, painted in 2013 during an art therapy project for organ transplant patients at UK Chandler Hospital, shows the Lexington woman springing into a star-filled, midnight-blue sky. Inside each star is the name of someone who supported her through her 2007 liver transplant and cancer treatment and in the days since. There are many, many stars and many, many names, among them family, friends and more than a few UK HealthCare medical professionals.

    As the 55-year-old looks at the painting and considers the life she has, she is quick to remind others and herself, “I am one of the luckiest people you have ever met. I am happy with life.”

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