Vivek Rangnekar, PhD, left, and Ravshan Burikhanov, PhD, discuss the results of the Par-4, Arylquin 1 research.

Markey researchers like Vivek Rangnekar, PhD, left, and Ravshan Burikhanov, PhD, work to discover better approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

For Researchers

The Markey Cancer Center Clinical Research Organization is working to move advanced treatments into mainstream cancer management.

A principal target of the Markey Cancer Center strategic plan is the movement of advanced treatments into the mainstream of cancer management. The MCC Clinical Research Organization facilitates this process.

The Markey Cancer Center is a full-member institute in multiple cooperative clinical trials groups of the National Cancer Institute, including:

If you are an investigator who would like to initiate a trial, use the following links for more information and resources:

Search ongoing trials here at Markey.

Other Resources to Consider

This site provides information, news and a search form for current cancer clinical trials.

This site provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers.

This commercial site contains a listing of industry and government-sponsored clinical trials (not all specific to oncology) from 875 clinical research centers and 600 companies. It also lists new drug therapies recently approved by the FDA.

This site provides a descriptive listing of all current trials, results/publications, news/bulletins and announcements.

A large database of pancreatic cancer clinical trials, composed of almost 370 trials in more than a thousand locations throughout the world. The site also has updated news and archives on this topic.

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