The expert team of specialists at the Markey Cancer Center has been treating patients in a compassionate and caring environment for more than 20 years. Markey provides state-of-the-art cancer care, and we are proud to be the only cancer center in Kentucky designated by the National Cancer Institute.

Our expert teams of physicians, nurses and other health care providers have experience working with patients like you in a compassionate and caring environment. For patients with advanced or recurrent cancer, we often use the latest research programs offering breakthrough treatments and therapies. You will also have access to more than 100 nationally sponsored clinical studies for different types of cancer.

Explore our treatment section to find more information on how Markey can help you fight breast cancer.


One common treatment for breast cancer is surgery. Women have several surgical options, and the type of surgery can depend on a few factors.

Learn more about surgery options.


Chemotherapy is one of the longest used and most common treatments for cancer.

Learn more about chemotherapy treatment. 

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a treatment for cancer that uses high-energy X-rays. A machine directs the rays of energy to the area of cancer, with a goal to kill or shrink cancer cells.

Learn more about radiation therapy.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is surgery to create a new breast in place of a breast that has been removed during treatment.

Learn more about breast reconstruction.

Questions to Ask

Stay prepared by asking these questions ahead of surgery.

Learn more about commonly asked questions before surgery.

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