Behavioral and Community-Based Research Shared Resource Facility (BCBR SRF)

Co-Directors: Jamie L. Studts, PhD and Robin Vanderpool, DrPH


  • Joan Kahl, MS, SRF Manager
  • Amy Christian, MPH, Senior Research Associate
  • Melinda Rogers, BA, National Outreach Network Community Health Educator
  • Meghan Johnson, MPH, Research Associate
  • Lauren Shelton, BS, Graduate Research Assistant

The BCBR SRF plays a key role in helping Markey Cancer Center clinician-scientists and researchers by supporting research in clinics focusing on behavioral, psychosocial, survivor­ship, epidemiologic and health services research. Our community research collaborations are facilitated with help from the Kentucky Cancer Program, Kentucky Cancer Consortium, CCTS Community Engagement Core, the Markey Research and Affiliate Networks and other established partners in the community.

The BCBR SRF offers experienced scientific consultation regarding patient and community-oriented methods such as survey design, outcomes measurement, psycho­metrics, medical chart review, epidemiologic methods, participatory research, clinic and community-based data collection and medical record review.

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When should you use the BCBR SRF?

We are focused on helping UK and MCC investigators with cancer-related behavioral and psychosocial studies within clinic settings. We also support cancer prevention and control research conducted in Markey’s catchment area communities, including Appalachian Kentucky. We encourage investigators to reach out to the BCBR SRF early when developing your project or grant application. This allows our team to brainstorm and plan for the best use of our services and personnel for your project.

So you need help with your project? The BCBR SRF can assist you with:

  • Survey designs and methodology
  • Participant recruitment
  • Data collection in clinic and community settings
  • Data management and sharing with other SRF’s
  • Medical chart reviews and data extractions
  • Engaging with clinical and community partners
  • Collaborating on resultant presentations and manuscripts 

Furthering MCC Science

The BCBR SRF provides scientific expertise in the design and implementation of behavioral and community-based research conducted within MCC clinics, the broader MCC research enterprise and community settings. The BCBR SRF will assist with retention and stability of institutional knowledge, leveraging existing network of community partners, and meeting the specific research development and implementation needs of MCC program members.


Investigators are required to acknowledge the Markey Cancer Center Behavioral and Community-Based Research Shared Resource Facility (BCBR SRF) in any publications that result from the use of behavioral or community based research services or consultation received through the BCBR SRF. For your convenience, you are welcome to use the following statement:

This research was supported by the BCBR SRF of the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center (P30CA177558).

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