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Genomic Instability, Epigenetics and Metabolism (GEM) Program

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for the GEM Program and receive meeting dates and times, please contact GEM program leaders Dr. John D’Orazio and Dr. Peter Zhou.

Markey’s GEM Program plays a vital role in the cancer center’s mission to decrease the burden of cancer in Kentucky, surrounding communities, and the nation, by determining genetic, epigenetic, and metabolic mechanisms of disruption of normal homeostasis and development of cancer.

GEM Program members use their scientific expertise to forward the program’s two three primary aims: 1) delineate mechanisms by which genomic instability and DNA repair contribute to carcinogenesis; 2) define how epigenetic mechanisms contribute to malignancy and tumor progression; and 3) determine how metabolic reprogramming contributes to cancer development and therapeutic responsiveness.

  • Monthly Meetings

    The GEM Program’s monthly meetings are used to discuss research and funding opportunities and to develop plans for grant applications. In addition, the program hosts and annual retreat for its program members.

  • Interest Groups

    GEM members participate in a variety of discussion groups that span the cancer center’s interest and include members from multiple research programs. In particular, GEM members are instrumental members of: a multi-university DNA repair interest group, the cancer center’s lung cancer translational group, and the cancer center’s Molecular Tumor Board. GEM researchers are also key participants in the redox and metabolic signaling group.