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Biospecimen Procurement and Translational Pathology Shared Resource Facility (BPTP SRF)

Director: Therese Bocklage, MD

Scientific Associate Director: Rachel Stewart, DO, PhD

  • Mission Statement

    The Markey Biospecimen Procurement and Translational Pathology Shared Resource Facility (BPTP SRF) collects, processes, annotates, stores and distributes biospecimens to support translational research in cancer and other diseases. BPTP SRF support includes obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) certification, collecting Informed Consents or the acquisition and the processing of targeted biospecimens in accordance with specific research protocols. Our services are available to University of Kentucky (UK) faculty and other qualified investigators in partnership with UK faculty.

    Combs Research Building, Room 113A 
    800 Rose St., Lexington, KY 40536-0293 
    Telephone: 859-257-4717  

  • Prioritization of Services

    The prioritization of services is based on the following criteria:

    1. MCC members with cancer-related, peer reviewed studies.
    2. MCC investigators preparing cancer-related, peer reviewed grant applications.
    3. MCC pilot/feasibility projects.
    4. MCC investigators not currently funded by peer reviewed grants.
    5. Non-cancer-related studies.
  • Request BPTP SRF Services

    The BPTP SRF now uses the online program iLab to manage all service requests and billing, including:

    • Prospective Specimen Collections
    • Frozen or fixed specimen requests
    • Tissue Microarray requests
    • Routine Histology/Technical services
    • Letters of Support
    • Specimen queries/feasibility queries.

    To request any BPTP SRF services, visit the iLab landing page with more detailed instructions, including a one-time account setup. Once your account is set up, iLab will enable you to place BPTP SRF service requests, provide the required approvals, and monitor the progress of your project.

    For questions or help in setting up your iLab account, or to schedule a consultation, please contact BPTP by email.

  • Acknowledgement

    Investigators are required to acknowledge the Markey Cancer Center Biospecimen Procurement and Translational Pathology Shared Resource Facility (BPTP SRF) in any publications that result from the use of biospecimens or information received through the MCC BPTP SRF. For your convenience, you are welcome to use the following statement: 

    “This research was supported by the Biospecimen Procurement and Translational Pathology Shared Resource Facility of the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center (P30CA177558).”

  • Cost Structure

    The MCC heavily subsidizes service rates for MCC members, as much as 84% less than similar commercially available services.

    Per-Case Rate

    Tissue bank * - $35.00

    Blood bank (including serum, buffy coat) * - $30.00

    All other banked fluids * - $30.00

    Consent only (i.e. no specimens) ** - $10.00

    Consent and questionnaire only (i.e. no specimens) ** - $25.00

    Storage space (per box/month) - $1.25

    Complex sample processing - $20.00

    DNA isolation - $10.00

    RNA isolation - $15.00

    * includes obtaining consent, database entry and storage 
    ** includes database entry

    Histology Services

    Slide - $ 1.00

    Frozen Slide Sectioning - $2.00

    Identification and retrieval of archival blocks (per case) - $0.50

    Tissue cassette and labeling (per specimen) - $0.50

    Block - $3.00

    H&E (per slide) - $1.00

    Other histology stain (per slide) - $3.00

    Immunohistochemistry with principal investigator supplied antibodies (per slide) - $ 7.50

    Immunohistochemistry with laboratory supplied antibodies (per slide) - $10.00

    Custom TMA block - $6.75/core

    Tissue microarray slide - $25.00

    Test TMA - $10.00

    TUNEL (per slide) - $22.00

    Specialty IHC - $15.00 (per slide)

    In-situ hybridization (per slide) - $20.00
    Note: PI to supply probe - please contact Dana Napier before ordering

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What information comes with the specimens?

    The type of information depends on what is requested by the investigator. In collaboration with Markey Cancer Research Informatics SRF, the Biospecimen Procurement and Translational Pathology Shared Resource Facility (BPTP SRF) can provide disease type (or control), age, gender, staging, histological diagnosis, smoking history, region, etc., with most specimens. Personal identifying information is not available to investigators

    Is clinical history or follow-up information available?

    Clinical history and follow-up data for cancer patients is generally available, with IRB approval, through a partnership with Markey Cancer Research Informatics and the Kentucky Cancer Registry/SEER database. Please contact the BPTP for more information. 

    Where can I get information about the Kentucky Cancer Registry and Office of Research Integrity?

    KCR (Kentucky Cancer Registry)

    ORI (Office of Research Integrity)

    How do I get IRB approval?

    Learn more about the Office of Research Integrity

  • Contact BPTP SRF Staff

    Mailing Address

    The Biospecimen Procurement and Translational Pathology Shared Resource Facility (BPTP SRF)
    Combs Research Building, Room 113A
    800 Rose St., Lexington KY 40536-0293

    Personnel and Contact Information

    Therese Bocklage, MD
    BPTP SRF Director
    William R. Willard Medical Education Building, MS 117
    Lexington KY 40536-0298

    Rachel Stewart, DO, PhD
    BPTP SRF Scientific Associate Director
    William R. Willard Medical Education Building
    Lexington KY 40536-0093