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BCBR SRF Services

Request BCBR SRF services

There are several ways to contact the BCBR SRF. If you need to get in touch with us, you can call BCBR SRF Manager Joan Kahl at (859) 218-6222 or email

The services we offer are split into Pre-Award and Post-Award categories.  


Pre-Award services provide a range of consultations, such as helping researchers include behavioral methods and patient feedback in their proposed research. Also, the BCBR SRF offers consultation on community-based research methods, community partners and other MCC SRFs to prepare for conducting research studies. Pre-Award consultation services are available to all MCC investigators without charge.  

  • Behavioral Methodology (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes and Measurement
  • Community-Based Research Methods
  • Linking with MCC Clinics, Community Partners, and other MCC SRFs    


Post-Award services address plans to initiate clinic and community-based research. The BCBR SRF conducts a range of services such as gathering data in both clinic and community-based settings, participant accrual, tracking and retention efforts, and coordinating efforts with Markey-based clinics, community partners and other MCC SRFs.

    • Participant Accrual, Tracking and Retention
    • Data Collection (Clinic-Based and Community-Based)
    • Coordinating with MCC Clinics, Community Partners, Other MCC SRFs

    User fees

    Consultation and Pre-Award work is available for free to MCC members. Users are charged fees for Post-Award research implementation services, and reduced rates are available for MCC Members. We primarily use an effort coverage approach, but in rare cases, an hourly rate can be charged for smaller projects that need limited support.

    For more details about user fees, please call BCBR SRF Manager Joan Kahl at (859) 218-6222 or contact us via email.

    Membership Status Effort Charges Hourly Charges
    Markey Member Rate


    (Plus Fringe+FAM Benefit Rate)

    Non-Markey Member Rate


    (Plus Fringe+FAM Benefit Rate)


    Prioritization of services

    The BCBR SRF has established a prioritization protocol that guides allocation of BCBR SRF resources, emphasizing support for funded projects led by MCC investigators.

       Level 1: Federal/Nationally-funded projects (e.g., NCI, ACS, DOD, etc.)

       Level 2: Other funded (non-pilot) projects

       Level 3: Markey Cancer Center pilot/feasibility projects

       Level 4: Unfunded projects led by MCC member investigators

       Level 5: Unfunded projects led by non-members of MCC