COVID-19 Resources

As we all adjust to the new normal inspired by COVID-19, Markey is presenting a series of webinars to keep providers, affiliates, and patients informed on the latest updates and best practices regarding the virus. These webinars will be archived here along with information regarding upcoming webinars and video resources.

For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit UK HealthCare’s full COVID-19 website or Markey’s own Frequently Asked Questions webpage for information regarding the cancer center’s response for patients.


Please keep in mind that information regarding COVID-19 is evolving each day. The information provided in the following videos are based on details available at time of recording.

Webinar: The Economic Impact of COVID-19

Presenter: Michael Clark, PhD

While states’ social distancing orders appear to have slowed the spread of COVID-19, they have also had a costly economic impact. Early data suggest that the nation could experience its largest employment losses since the great depression. These losses appear to be widespread, even hitting sectors typically unaffected by economic downturns. As states begin to reopen, concerns about the progression of the virus create an uncertain landscape for state and local governments, businesses, and families.

Webinar: The role of palliative care in the COVID 19 pandemic

Presenter: Debra Gleason MSW, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Palliative care focuses on quality of life, discernment of patient goals, advance care planning, pain and symptom management, and support for caregivers. In this time of COVID-19, palliative care has never been more important. Debra Gleason will discuss how those at highest risk for COVID-19 are palliative care’s core population and utilizing the unique skills and strengths found in palliative care must be part of the response.

Webinar: Cancer Care amid COVID 19

Presenter: Reema Patel, MD

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, providers face new challenges when discussing treatment options and the implications on chemotherapy, triage,and consent with their patients with cancer.

Join Reema Patel, MD, as she discusses how the Markey Cancer Center has been proactive in handling these issues amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar: Telehealth in a Crisis

Presenter: Rob Sprang, MBA, Director, Kentucky TeleCare

Rob Sprang will share his insight on how the world has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically as it relates to telehealth and considerations for application of this technology to support the new demands on every medical center. He will share the experience of the University of Kentucky in adopting and applying telehealth technology, as well as significant changes in the legal and regulatory arena.

Webinar: Health Equity & Disability in the Face of COVID-19

Join us for Health Equity and Disability in the face of COVID-19, a timely presentation by Dr. Kathy Sheppard-Jones, Executive Director of the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute, sharing information about disability and health equity in Kentucky, identify key issues resulting from COVID-19, and resources to support the services that you provide to others.

Video: How to Deal with Anxiety Amid the Coronavirus

Join Dr. Connie Jennings as she discusses how we can deal with anxiety amid the coronavirus.

Video: Narrative Medicine – Coping with Coronavirus


Markey’s Affiliate Network providers can also access COVID-19 podcasts online at the full Affiliate Network website. These podcasts feature providers and researchers discussing various topics related to the COVID-19 outbreak.a

Markey Cancer Center is NCI-designated

The UK Markey Cancer Center was first designated by the National Cancer Institute in 2013 – a distinction that recognizes our extraordinary ability to provide world-class care for our patients. We are the only NCI-designated cancer center in Kentucky and one of only 71 in the nation.