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Thyroid cancer surgery

One usual treatment for thyroid cancer is surgery to remove the entire thyroid gland, although sometimes a minimal cancer may result in half of the thyroid being removed. Careful discussions with our specialized surgeons will determine the most appropriate extent of your thyroid surgery.

The most common types of thyroid cancer surgery include:

  1. Lobectomy. This type of surgery aims to remove the half of the thyroid containing a suspicious nodule. If this nodule is shown to be a significant thyroid cancer when the pathologist examines the removed lobe, the surgeon may need to remove the rest of the thyroid gland with a second surgery.
  2. Thyroidectomy. This type of surgery removes the entire thyroid gland. At the discretion of the surgeon and based upon whether there is evidence of tumor spread beyond the thyroid gland, the surgeon may also remove lymph nodes in the neck.