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Throat Cancer Treatment


Our Markey head and neck cancer care team will help you decide on the best treatment path for your individual needs and the stage of your cancer. Your options may include:

Chemotherapy and Radiation

We may use chemotherapy and radiation in combination to shrink tumors and eliminate the need for surgery. This treatment spares the throat and nearby tissue.

  • Radiation therapy: Many early-stage cancers may only require radiation therapy. Radiation therapy sends external beams through your body to destroy the cancer.
  • Chemotherapy: These special drugs can stop the growth of cancer cells or kill cancer cells.


At Markey, we have specialized equipment that allows our surgeons to perform precision robotic surgery for many throat cancers.

It can be hard to see areas of the throat in traditional surgery without large incisions. Robotic surgery allows us to operate with fewer incisions. Our surgeons use very small instruments and 3D images so they can see into and reach cramped parts of the throat.

Robotic surgery also:

  • Reduces a patient’s recovery time
  • Lowers the risk of side effects
  • Lessens the need for reconstructive surgery

Surgery options include:

  • Scraping away small cancers
  • Removing lymph nodes if cancer has spread to other parts of the neck
  • Resectioning to remove affected parts of the throat
  • Reconstructing parts of the throat so patients can swallow food

Metastatic Throat Cancer

Chemotherapy and immunotherapy are options if the throat cancer has spread to other areas. Immunotherapy drugs use a patient’s immune system to help fight the cancer.