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Mouth Cancer Support Services

You are not alone. Our care team will support you along your treatment journey.


It’s important that patients get proper nutrition during mouth cancer treatment. Your body needs nutrients to help you better tolerate treatments and symptoms. However, it can be hard for mouth cancer patients to eat and swallow.

We can help recommend foods, drinks and supplements, including nutritional supplement beverages if it’s too painful to eat. We may also give you a feeding tube if eating isn’t possible for you.

Help with Swallowing and Speaking

Mouth cancer can affect a patient’s ability to talk and swallow. Our speech language pathologists support patients and provide coping strategies. They’ll help you find ways to manage eating and drinking difficulties and deal with pain and other side effects.

Dental Care

Depending on where your cancer is located and the treatment you receive, your teeth may be affected. We’ll refer you to one of our UK HealthCare dentists or work with your dentist to ensure you get the care you need.

Palliative Care

Palliative care can help you manage symptoms, pain and stress at any stage of your cancer journey. The palliative care team includes doctors, nurses and other providers who specialize in supporting cancer patients.

Financial Assistance

Let our social workers know if you need help with transportation, housing or bills. We can also help you navigate insurance issues.

Emotional Support

If you need someone to talk to, our psycho-oncologists and chaplains are ready to listen and offer support. They have helped many cancer patients and families process feelings and cope with struggles during treatment.