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Lung cancer surgery

Patient prepares for surgery

One common treatment for lung cancer is surgery, where a procedure is performed in order to remove the lung cancer and a margin of healthy tissue. Patients have several surgical options, and the type of surgery can depend on a few factors, such as:

  • Your overall health.
  • The type and stage of your cancer.
  • The size of the tumor.

The most common types of lung cancer surgery include:

  1. Wedge resection. This type of surgery removes the portion of your lung that holds the tumor.
  2. Segmental resection. This type of surgery removes a segment of the lung’s lobe that contains cancer.
  3. Lobectomy. This type of surgery removes the entire lobe of the lung with cancer.
  • Minimally Invasive (VATS) Surgery

    Markey’s Lung Cancer team also offers minimally invasive (VATS) surgery, a surgical resection that aims to treat patients without opening the chest. This minimally invasive technique reduces risk of trauma post-surgery. Ask your doctors for more details on VATS surgery.