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Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Growing up is one of the hardest jobs we will ever have. It's even harder if your brain isn't developing at the same speed as your friends and classmates, or if your brain just works a little differently.

If you or your doctor suspects your child has a behavioral or developmental problem, our team of physicians, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, patient navigators and nurse practitioners is brought in to diagnose and treat the problem with state-of-the-art techniques and testing.

Some of the behavioral and psychological problems we treat are:

  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Behavioral and school difficulties
  • Emotional problems related to medical conditions
  • Enuresis and encorpresis
  • Feeding disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Tourette's syndrome

Every child is thoroughly evaluated before a comprehensive treatment plan is developed. Treatment can involve medication, psychotherapy, family therapy and/or direction for educational treatments within the child's school.

If you are looking for assistance with a mental health concern, please contact our Department of Psychiatry.