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Nursing mission, vision, values & philosophy


Provide leading-edge patient care while advancing professional nursing and practice. Watch this video to learn more about our mission.


Leading the way for every patient, every time.


  • Empowerment
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation and learning
  • Patient-centered care
  • Evidence-based practice


  • We consider our work as nurses to be an honor, and we strive for continuous improvement in order to provide excellence in all that we do.
  • Nursing care is delivered in a complex environment that supports the trifold mission of patient care, education and research. As nurses we participate in each aspect of the mission with patient care holding the principal position in our daily efforts.
  • Organizationally, we are committed to shared governance for nursing practice. Therefore, UK HealthCare nurses' practice is of an autonomous nature with the commensurate accountability for nursing process and outcomes.
  • The dynamic nature of patient care dictates that we support ongoing education for all nurses, including the goal of the baccalaureate degree as the entry level for the majority of our nursing staff. Our nurses are expected to meet patient and organizational goals. Through education, coaching and mentoring, we are committed to developing expert nurse clinicians and leaders.
  • By means of clinical inquiry, research and a work environment that fosters learning and expert practice, we continuously strive to add to the body of knowledge that supports and improves nursing quality and patient outcomes.
  • As a patient's right to participate in care planning and choices is a held nursing value at UK HealthCare, we understand that patient and family education regarding treatment and care options is a nursing responsibility, held jointly with our physicians and other members of the team. We accept that responsibility.
  • Letter from the Chief Nurse Executive

    Dear Nurse Colleague:

    I understand you are interested in joining the staff of UK HealthCare. First, let me congratulate you on selecting nursing as your career choice. I also want to congratulate you on your choice of application to, what I believe, is the most progressive and dynamic care environment in our region.

    As the Chief Nursing Executive of UK HealthCare, I want to communicate clearly the expectations of our professional nursing staff so you may make an informed decision as you progress through the recruitment process.

    The Nursing Vision at UK HealthCare is simple: Leading the Way for Every Patient, Every Time. The care provision and care coordination at UK HealthCare is some of the most complex and progressive care you likely will experience in your career (which I hope is a long one at UK if we can ascertain a match in your expectations and ours). Our Nursing Professional Practice Model uses some basic foundational elements upon which we expect to achieve the vision articulated. The tenets of our professional practice model to which you must subscribe in order to be successful here are:

    • I believe patient/family-centered care is our core element
    • I am accountable for decisions and actions
    • I am a leader committed to evidence-based practice
    • I am empowered to ask, act, and decide
    • I am inspired to learn, innovate and excel

    Our professional practice model serves as the framework for our clinical practice and our daily conduct as nurses in this setting. Further, we are committed to shared governance, believing that each nurse has a right and a responsibility to participate in shaping nursing practice at UK HealthCare. We take these elements very seriously, and by way of this correspondence, I would ask you to give some thoughtful deliberation to our practice model, our vision and our accountability to our patients and their families. Our nursing strategic plan is a living document that provides the foundation and the direction for all levels of nursing at UK HealthCare. The strategic plan includes identified objectives that provide nursing with a long-term vision, tactics that focus our daily work, and targets with frequency measures to provide a system of accountability. Read the plan now.

    We look for the best and the brightest – individuals who are articulate, tenacious, and passionate about patient-centered care. We intend to provide superior care and a superior experience for our patients and families, understanding that we cannot afford mediocre performance or lukewarm aspirations. Our ambition as nursing professionals is to evolve our practice to the level where each of us would be comfortable to bring our families, friends and others to receive the very best in nursing care.

    UK HealthCare is not the appropriate practice venue for all clinicians. We realize the pace and complexity of our environment may not be suitable to your desires as a practicing professional. If, as you read this letter, you are excited about the prospect of working in such an environment, we will welcome you. If not, I wish you well in whatever nursing path you pursue. If you should have questions regarding the recruitment process, please email Graig Casada, RN MSN, Manager of Nurse Recruitment at:

    Again, thank you for considering UK HealthCare as your practice venue.

    Colleen Swartz, DNP, MBA, RN
    Chief Nurse Executive & Chief Administrative Officer