• Welcome UK Extension Agents

  • As part of UK HealthCare’s mission, we are called to promote better health for the people of Kentucky through creative leadership and quality initiatives in patient care, health education and medical research.

    We are proud to collaborate with the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service to provide research-based materials to help you educate and empower the citizens of the Commonwealth for better health.

    To request educational materials, use UK HealthCare's new Cooperative Extension Service Order Form. Once you submit your order, it will be processed and taken to the Ag Distribution Center.

    For more information on the UK HealthCare's Cooperative Extension Resources website, contact Linda Young.

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    HealthMatters: Health and wellness blogs from the experts at UK HealthCare.

    Markey Menu blog is hosted by Rachel C. Miller, MS, RD, LD, a registered dietitian at the Markey Cancer Center. She has experience in long-term and transitional care involving diverse nutritional needs. Her blog offers recipes, nutritional tips and answers to your questions about what and what not to consume while going through medical treatment.

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    Health News and Information

    HealthSmart! - UK HealthCare offers tips and advice from the experts in each issue of HealthSmart!. Topics include dynamic health care subjects that will allow you to take charge of your health.

    Fact Sheets - Find answers to your health-related questions on a variety of topics, from allergies to surgery. Our UK HealthCare fact sheets contain helpful information and a list of related resources on the topic.

    HealthMatters - UK HealthCare delivers timely information to your inbox through our email newsletter. Subscribe here, and we’ll send health and wellness tips and other information to help you and your family stay healthy.

    In the community

    Making a Difference - features stories from patients who have overcome adversity with the aid of UK HealthCare physicians.

    Saddle Up Safely - Saddle Up Safely is a rider safety awareness program sponsored by UK HealthCare, UK College of Agriculture and many community organizations. Through our publication, we seek to educate current and future riders about the simple steps that can be taken to prevent accidents.

    Secondhand smoke (PDF, 809 KB) - Most people know that smoking tobacco is very risky for the smoker. But did you know that tobacco smoke is dangerous for nonsmokers too? Our publication educates and informs the public of the dangers associated with secondhand smoke.