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Listen: Drs. Louis Bezold and Bradley Keller on Joint Heart Program cardiology outreach

November 4, 2020 / in Children, Heart health / by UK HealthCare

UK HealthCast is a podcast featuring interviews with UK HealthCare experts on a variety of health-related topics, from how to recognize stroke symptoms to what patients need to know about clinical trials and more.

This week’s UK HealthCast features Dr. Louis Bezold, chief of pediatric cardiology at UK HealthCare, and Dr. Bradley Keller, a Cincinnati Children’s clinician-investigator who provides care to children and adults with congenital heart disease throughout Kentucky. Drs. Bezold and Keller discussed the Joint Heart Program cardiology outreach clinic in Ashland, Ky. offered by Kentucky Children’s Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s.

Dr. Keller: “It’s really a pleasure working with Dr. Bezold and my colleagues to continue that tradition of bringing cardiology out into the communities where it’s most accessible for patients and their families.”

Dr. Bezold: “The importance of being able to get out into the communities and have outreach clinics is that we can bring that expertise to the families closer to home, allowing them to get care that may be difficult for them to get by having to travel long distances.

The Joint Heart Program has been in operation now for about three going on four years. And it’s been a great success. It’s allowed us to be able to bring all the resources of the best pediatric cardiology programs in the country here in Kentucky and the ability to share that between the two centers.”

Dr. Keller: “Dr. Bezold and I both have a lot of years of experience. And our teams are outstanding.

If you have a child who needs to have a heart surgery, for example, you want that to be performed by the best possible team with lots of experience, including all the related people that are involved. 

Our goal is to be available to families and their providers, to identify problems, provide them the counseling that they need so they feel comfortable that their children are getting excellent care.”

Listen to the full podcast with Drs. Bezold and Keller below.


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