Arts in HealthCare Awards

Recognition for Excellence

The UK Arts in HealthCare program was conceived prior to construction of the new pavilion (2011) at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital. As a result, the art is integrated with the design of the building. This unusual circumstance and the program’s deliberate outreach to campus, community and regional art partners has garnered much recognition and acclaim.

Governor's Awards in the Arts

The UK Arts in HealthCare Program was awarded the 2012 Business Award for the Arts. This is the commonwealth of Kentucky’s highest honor in the arts. The Governor’s Award recognizes organizations that have made extraordinary and significant contributions to the arts in Kentucky. The Kentucky Arts Council coordinates the nomination process for these awards.

Medi-Star Awards

The UK Arts in HealthCare Program was awarded the 2013 Consumer First Award which honors an organization that has demonstrated the most consumer-friendly program or facility. This award was selected by the community.

Design & Health International Academy Awards

AECOM, lead architects on the new pavilion at the UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, submitted on behalf of the UK Arts in HealthCare program to the 2013 Design & Health International Academy Awards. Guests from all over the world attended the prestigious Design & Health International Academy Awards 2013 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Brisbane, Australia, on July 13, 2013, held during the 9th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition.

After receiving almost 100 submissions across 10 different categories in key areas of global health care delivery, judging panels from across the globe made their recommendations for this year’s winners. The University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital Arts in HealthCare program, commissioned by UK HealthCare and created by AECOM, was named the winner in the “use of Art in the Patient Environment” category.

To view our award-winning pieces, take a look at our arts award submission pieces.