• Student insurance

    Consider your health care in two parts:

    1. All University of Kentucky full-time students pay a mandatory health fee that entitles them to most services at University Health Service at no cost.
    2. Health insurance is strongly recommended for expenses not covered by the health fee, including most diagnostic procedures (laboratory tests, X-rays, MRIs), surgery, hospitalization, and prescription medication. 

    UK students are invited to purchase the school-sponsored health insurance plan which is customized to complement the care provided through the health fee at University Health Service.

  • Insurance plan

    The University of Kentucky is contracted with Academic HealthPlans in conjunction with UnitedHealthcare to provide a school-sponsored student health insurance plan for 2014-15. Additional details are available on the University of Kentucky's student health insurance website. 

    Remember, purchasing any health insurance plan is never a guarantee you will avoid out-of-pocket costs for medical care. The best way to make this, or any, coverage work for you is to be informed and proactive. Check the covered benefits before your procedure whenever possible. Know the specifics and communicate with your provider.